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About EcoKids Primary School

Deciding on a school for your child can be a difficult decision. As parents we are bombarded with mountains of information and varying opinions from all sides, it often feels like an impossible decision to make.

Between the pressure put on parents by peers and the conflicting advice that we receive, the child’s basic needs are sometimes overlooked. What children need is to learn in a secure and loving environment with educators who connect with each child and facilitate their optimum progress.

We ensure our children are appreciated, loved and valued as individuals. We want to know that their hearts and souls are nurtured just as much as their academic achievement. That their confidence levels soar and their love of learning along with it.

Receiving a quality education is of enormous importance, but not by sacrificing their happiness and while their stress levels sky rocket.

We want our students to experience the joy of knowledge and discovery and realise that we are all truly capable of anything we set our minds to. We want them to know that EcoKids Primary is their space where they get to do just this.

School Hours

Monday-Friday: 07h30 – 14h00
Early Arrival: 07h00
Aftercare: 14h00 -17h30


254 Swallow Rd, Rynfield Agricultural Holdings, Benoni



Where it all began…

When EcoKids Preschool was founded in 2013, we could not have imagined the incredible success that it would become and, before long, the casual remarks from our parents of “please open a primary school!” had planted a seed in our minds that would grow over the next few years into our vision of a primary school with a difference.

Coupled with this, the journey to EcoKids Primary School was further fuelled because we see the need. The need for a school where our approach excites and entices young minds. Where the curriculum is engaging and learning is what our students want to do, not have to do.

The Future of Learning

Where learning to read is seen as a necessary tool to get to know what we want to know, not a chore or a mountain of unfathomable phonics and contradicting grammar that we need to conquer. Where mathematics is exciting because it is applied and explained in creative and visual methods, making number concepts understandable and not some undecipherable mystery! Project-based learning, centers on discovery. When children seek to find the answers and reach conclusions, the lessons learnt will not only be remembered forever, but will open the doors to applying that knowledge going forward.

This is how you teach children how to think and solve problems. To become a ‘solutions person’, an ‘out-the-box thinker’. To become an entrepreneur or the kind of radicle thinking employee that companies are looking for. Not every child is an academic by nature, but why stifle the creative one, the child who sees things differently, the child who is the socialite, the wheeler, the dealer? These are all qualities that will see them achieve great things in their futures.

By creating a space where children can be free to be themselves and learn in a way that suits them, not an education system that often fails them, we can help each child nurture their own specific qualities and characters. We can do this whilst giving them an education that will see them through to any further studying they wish to pursue.