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Selecting the school that is right for your child is a very important decision and we believe that a personal visit is invaluable.

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Miká Thirion – Grade 9

Mutual respect, equality and a non-judgemental atmosphere reign amongst learners and staff. In this nurturing atmosphere learners develop a sense of self and self-respect.

Alea Koning – Grade 7

With a maximum of 20 learners per class learners receive the individual attention needed to reach their potential. If you are a parent who spend large amounts on extra lessons in Mathematics and Afrikaans, Eco Campus is the answer.

Olivia Ristow – Grade 7

We are a winning team! We invite you to come and win with us.

Chailynn Croft – Grade 7

We love our uniform, free from blazers and formal shirts and ties. Here the focus is primarily on EDUCATION.

Aidan Nelson – Graad 7

Ek sê altyd vir my ma: “ Dit maak nie saak hoe moeg of nors jy soggens voel nie, teen die tyd wat jy die skool verlaat, sal jy altyd met ‘n glimlag op jou gesig vertrek.”

Dylan Ristow – Stage 10

I have then made the assessment that EcoCampus can be likened to a magnet for nice people, be they kind, clever or otherwise fantastic to be around. The school creates an atmosphere of casual professionalism. Unlike most other schools, which make the same promise to do so, EcoCampus follows through.

Why EcoKids Primary School?


EcoKids Primary School is a beautiful campus situated on the edge of the serene Sandpan in Rynfield, Benoni.


*NO ENROLMENT, ADDMISSION OR SUNDRY FEES CHARGEDEcoKids Primary School will operate on a three-term system. Our fees are available on a separate document.

School opens at 7:00.
Classes start at 7:30, Stage 1 – Stage 3 finish at 13h30 and Stage 4 – Stage 6 finish at 14h00.

Meals are not included in these fees and must be provided by parents.

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