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EcoKids Primary School Mission statement

At EcoKids Primary School, we will strive to provide holistic education for each child, preparing them for life in all aspects.

We will endeavour to produce well rounded, contributing and conscientious learners who are academically and emotionally ready for further learning and life.

Our Academic Programs


Stage 1 to 3

  • English
  • Afrikaans
  • Maths
  • Natural Science
  • Life Orientation
  • Zulu
  • Art
  • Philosophy
  • Sport


Stage 4 to 6

  • English
  • Afrikaans
  • Maths
  • Natural Science
  • Life Orientation
  • Zulu
  • Art
  • Social Science
  • Sport

Additional Subjects

All Stages

  • 3DECO (3D Design and Technology)
  • Philosophy (Stage 1- Stage 3)
  • Enviro Lessons

Term Dates 2024

Term 1

15th of January to 11th of April

Term 2

7th of May to 8th of August

Term 3

4th of September to 5th of December

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Our Faculty and Staff

All our staff have one thing in common: The passion they have for the continued quality education of your child and their wish to see each child blossom into their own personal best version of themselves, in whom confidence, self-love and appreciation are evident.

We have qualified, specialist teachers who bring with them awesome skills, varied interests and unique ideas.

Chantel Correia

Primary School Principal

I am absolutely blessed to be the Principal of Ecokids Primary.

I have been in education since 2001, but my passion to teach has been there all my life.
I completed my teaching qualification at WITS College of Education and began my career at Holy Rosary School in 2002. In 2005 I joined Woodlands College as a Grade One teacher. Three years later I was promoted to Head of Department. During this time, I completed my Psychology Degree with a specialisation in Psychological Counselling, furthering this qualification with an Honours Degree.

In 2020 I was promoted to Deputy Principal. It was during this time and the COVID Pandemic that made me re-look at education and my goals.

I joined the Eco-Family in 2021 and am beyond excited and motivated to be part of this constantly growing school. I am a teaching Principal, who loves being in the classroom and interacting with my children on a daily basis. I enjoy ‘people’ and much prefer to build meaningful relationships with my colleagues and our school community in a personal, face-to-face manner, acknowledging that we are all unique individuals with different backgrounds and future goals.

In my spare time I enjoy long distance running and working with rescue dogs at an animal shelter.

I look forward to meeting you.

Anita Fitzgerald

Head of Campus

As a parent, it is so important to me that my children learn and grow in an environment that moulds them in every aspect to be the best version of themselves but also a considerate and organised member of society.

Nature has beauty and wisdom and I want to help children appreciate, learn, step back and consider the earth and its ecosystem. It is not an easy road, but it is so important for us to raise a generation that understands the importance of sustaining the world we live in.

My goal is to continue to shape the curriculum and learning outcomes of EcoKids Preschool, EcoKids Primary and EcoCampus to help raise a generation of children who will be ready to make the difference this world desperately needs.

Kim Botes

Stage 1 Teacher

I have been working for the EcoKids Group since 2016 and have just recently moved to our Primary school to teach Stage 1, which is my ultimate teaching dream come true.
I am a dedicated teacher with a passion for education and an unwavering commitment to optimizing student and school success.

I believe in the teacher as a role model, setting the tone for important behaviours and attitudes. Excitement towards learning and a safe classroom environment starts with my attitude and actions.

I am married with 2 children, and a cat.

Daniella Andrade

Stage 2 Teacher

I am a qualified B.Ed foundation phase teacher with 7 years teaching experience.  I was fortunate to have worked at a school as an assistant during the completion of my studies as well as a home school educator for children with special needs.

My passion has always revolved around the well being of children and assisting them to succeed in life the best way possible, while acknowledging their different abilities and desires.

I believe every child can be whatever they desire, and with the help of an understanding, loving, motivated and passionate teacher this can be achieved.

Kate-Lynn Wilson

Stage 2 Teacher

As a teacher, I believe in helping each child express themselves and embrace their individuality. I aim to create a nurturing and inclusive environment where everyone feels valued and respected. My primary goal is to support each child in developing their potential and learning styles.

Outside the classroom, I am a proud mom to two wonderful daughters who inspire me. In my spare time, I enjoy building puzzles and baking delicious treats. I have two adorable dogs at home to keep us company. I believe a home is not a home without any furbabies.

I have had the privilege of being a part of the EcoKids Group for the past five years. This journey has been incredibly rewarding as I have had the opportunity to witness the growth and development of numerous young minds. Being a part of this vibrant and inclusive environment has allowed me to enhance my teaching skills further and deepen my understanding of the diverse needs of our students.

Claire Buchanan

Stage 3 Teacher

I believe in helping my students to reach their full potential and strive to provide a learning experience that creates a safe and conducive environment for them.

I’ve worked for over seven years in the educational field, ranging from special needs to various stages within the foundation phase.
In my free time, I enjoy taking walks with my pug, Olive, and spending time with my friends and family.

Some of my favourite things include sunflowers and traveling and my favourite colours are light blue and pink.

Hayley De Klerk

Stage 3 Teacher and HOD Foundation Phase

According to my family, I was a teacher long before I even reached Primary School age.
From my earliest recollections, I know for sure, that I was born to teach.

I began my studies in 2001 and I was fortunate enough to start teaching during this time. 
I qualified as a Montessori Teacher and taught at a Montessori school for a period of 10 years, during which time I completed my BEd in Foundation Phase Teaching through Unisa.  
In 2012 my journey at Woodlands International College started, where I spent 12 fruitful and happy years. 

Joining EcoKids has now come at a perfect time in my life when I realised that I wanted to broaden my horizons. I am so excited at the prospect of working with a team of extremely competent and highly qualified staff members. I am embracing my new challenge and I endeavour to add value to the already incredible environment.

I believe that each child is unique and that us, as Educators, should nurture their dreams and abilities. 

On a daily basis, I remind myself that, the day which you plant the seed, is never the day that you harvest the fruit. Similarly to a seed being planted, children also have their own time to sprout and then flourish. Being given the opportunity to witness and to be a part of the growth and progression of each and every individual child under my care and supervision, will be my greatest reward!

Claudia Mincione

Natural Sciences and Technology and Social Sciences

My journey in education started when I was just a child myself. I was born in Zimbabwe, one of Africa’s most beautiful countries with a history rich in cultural diversity and hardship. The schooling system in Zimbabwe is world-renowned, which I can attest to.

By studying the past, we gain an understanding of the many mistakes that have been made, as well as the effects of these mistakes. We also learn about how things and people have changed over time. This information can open one’s mind to the possibility of change and even empower each generation to do and be better. Who knew that studying a revolution could start one too?

I have made it my life’s mission to educate the youth of today about the wonders of the written word, whether fictional or historical.

Clare Emms

Intermediate Phase English Teacher

Growing up as a teacher’s daughter, I never expected to go into teaching myself. But then when I left school, I found myself drawn to working with children and discovered so much purpose and passion in education, that I realised it was the only natural progression for my studies.

I obtained my BEd in ECD and Foundation Phase and went on to teach in both public and private schools in Benoni. I then completed my Honours in Psychoeducational Support, in the hopes of working in school guidance and counselling as I saw this as a truly vital part of the support system of the school.

After teaching for 7 years, I had my first child and decided to stop teaching for a while to stay at home with my girls during their formative years. During that time, I studied further and began facilitating workshops for parents and teachers in Positive Discipline. I also Founded a non-profit called Consciously Connected, bringing together a dedicated team of conscious professionals who provide support to teachers and parents.

My goal, moving forward at EcoKids and EcoCampus, is to utilise my passion for child development and conscious discipline to hold space for the children in my classroom as they navigate their academic, social and emotional world. I’m ready to learn just as much from the kids as I’m hoping to teach them!

Gemma Bradford

Intermediate Phase Natural and Social Sciences Teacher

I am a passionate educator dedicated to transforming the learning experience for all children. From a childhood dream to a dynamic force in the classroom, I am committed to being the teacher I always wished for.

Specialising in Natural Science and Social Sciences, I infuse my lessons with hands-on activities and innovative teaching strategies, making every class an adventure. My goal is to ignite a love for learning in each student.

Beyond academics, I am a supportive mentor, leveraging my expertise in academic support to help students thrive. I am on a journey where curiosity knows no bounds, and education becomes a joyful exploration.

Bongeka Nyamanzana

Zulu Conversational and First Additional Language

I am excited to be part of the Eco Kids Campus Team and most importantly, I am thrilled to teach isiZulu to the foundation and as well as the intermediate phase getting to know many students in the school and experience the fun and learning together.

About me, I recently completed my second qualification in Education, hoping to enrol for another Postgraduate programme in Education in the year 2023. I have experience working with foundation phase, Intermediate phase as well as the FET.

I chose teaching because I want to make a difference in our learner’s lives just like my Teachers had a positive impact on me. I am a hardworking young teacher, who is open to learning from both her colleagues and her learners.

Amelia Stiglingh-Grose

Afrikaans first Additional Language

I graduated from a British school in Kenya in 2015. There after I obtained a degree in Journalism as well as in Education after realising that teaching was my calling.

I began my teaching career at Ecokids Primary in 2020 and have never left, growing into the teacher I am today under the mentorship and support I have enjoyed here.

I am currently the Stage 2 – 5 Afrikaans FAL teacher and enjoy the wonderful environment EcoKids has to offer. A space that brings such joy whilst working with children and watching them grow their skills and abilities.

Byron Williamson

3DECO Design Class and Enviro Studies Teacher

Hi there, my name is Byron Williamson!

I am a psychology and teaching graduate with a passion for education and more so a humanist with a passion for helping others to live their life to their full potential.

This passion led me to the education field. Working with children was a great way,  not only to exchange valuable and helpful knowledge, but to also offer guidance where needed and to learn more about ourselves and fulfil our youth’s potential.

My teaching philosophy is about encouraging students to be a role player in their own learning journey. This means adapting and changing styles to best meet each student’s capability.

I also find this humanist passion taking me outdoors and into the garden, learning to grow food sustainably. Tying the environmental awareness in with quality of life and mental health has been an exciting journey.

I have tutored homework classes, counselled families, taught English as a foreign language and even built organic gardens in people’s homes and I am excited to keep expanding in the education field. I joined the EcoKids team in 2023 and haven’t looked back since!

Megan Adendorff

Mathematics, English and Social Sciences

I am a passionate and enthusiastic young teacher who thrives on connecting with my students to help them realise their full potential and guide them in shaping their young minds into realising their dreams.

My happy space is in my classroom with my students, growing and learning alongside them in every way. Teaching is so much more than just the academics.

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world” – Nelson Mandela

Alexia Rodighiero

Art and Enviro Club

Hello everyone! I’m Alexia but my learners call me Teacher Lexi. I have a degree in Early Childhood Education. I began my career 2 years ago at EcoKids Preschool and I have been a teacher at Abacus Maths since July of 2022. I have found so many amazing and fun ways to teach maths using a variety of resources and methods to meet the needs of all learners.

Apart from maths my passions lie with Art and Nature!

I absolutely love being creative in all avenues of art and sharing my creative experiences and learnt skills with children. I am thrilled to be teaching Art and Environmental Club at Ecokis Primary, where the children and I will be explore our hidden talents, our love for nature, and creative and artistic expressionism through art and our natural environment.

EcoKids is the perfect environment where my students and I can express ourselves and be surrounded by nature, it is the most relaxed teaching environment where our children thrive and love to just be.

The best part about being a teacher is that I and find myself learning from children just as much as they learn from me! No two days are ever the same, and life is never boring.

Michaela De Beer

Mathematics, Music & Culture

The reason I teach is to hand over the baton of passion to my learners, to teach them to love the subject, and to guide them to be critical thinkers so that they will be able to face any body of knowledge and dissect it, understand it, and apply it to their lives.

According to Vygotsky, learners learn best through social interactions and these interactions are how they understand the world. If I am to build on the learner’s knowledge of the world and allow them the opportunity to explore and make sense of the new content within their contexts, it will be easier for them to remember, understand, and apply this body of knowledge.

What I most enjoy about teaching is getting to know each and every unique person that walks into my classroom. I count it such an honour and blessing to have such an important role in my learners’ lives.

Henry Moolman

History and Afrikaans

I am fortunate enough to be married to the wonderful Principal of our school, Mrs Marianne Moolman. We have a son, a daughter who sadly passed, a beautiful grandaughter and three amazing grandsons together. My family and my faith are my pillars.

My career has spanned forty six incredible years, learning alongside my students. Twenty five of these were spent as Principal at both Public and Private schooling institutions.

EcoKids Primary is the perfect space for me to impart my knowledge and life experience in a setting that is so conducive for learning I could not resist being drawn back into the classroom. Social Sciences and Technology combine all the wonders of the world that intrigue me and I thoroughly enjoy making these subjects come to life for my students.

When I am not working I am an avid fly-fisherman and camper, I enjoy a good book and maintain a strict fitness regime. I am also an elder at the Benoni Bible Church.

Natasha Jansen

Intermediate and Senior Phase FAL, Afrikaans and Athletics Specialist

I completed my University Degree in Sport, Health and Leisure Science in 2012. My teaching and coaching career however only started in 2017. I then completed my Post Graduate Certificate in Education majoring in Life Orientation.

I have an enormous love for sport, the outdoors and helping people. These three things have helped shape me into the person I am today and why teaching and coaching sports are so important to me.

 Seeing and meeting individuals with different abilities, passions, personalities, strengths, weaknesses, goals and beliefs warms my heart because it is a perfect opportunity for me as a teacher and as a coach, to positively impact, build, motivate, encourage and empower those individuals to become their best possible versions of themselves.

After nearly seven years of teaching and coaching elsewhere, I am truly excited to join the EcoKids team. I look forward to guiding our future leaders into success, happiness and lifelong fulfilment.

Sandy Seabrook

Intermediate Phase Natural Sciences Teacher

I have always viewed education as a gateway – by providing students with a set of keys, teachers are able to help future generations unlock their true potential and have a positive impact on the world around them.

I have worked in the high school education space for the past seven years teaching mainly Social Sciences in the form of Geography and History. I always tell my students that Social Science is the subject which combines all the other learning areas into one, which in my view, makes it the best!

I am extremely proud to be able to bring my expertise (both inside and outside) of the classroom to EcoKids Primary and I look forward to the continued growth and development as we build toward a brighter future for the young men and women in our care.

Tarryn Toerien

Head of Academic Support

I have been a teacher for twelve years and of those twelve years, it has been an honour to work in Special Needs Education for nine years. I have served children with physical disabilities as well as learning disabilities. I am thrilled to be joining the EcoKids team to serve our learners in Academic Support, providing academic as well as emotional support to our children and parents.  I believe that with the right support and understanding every child can thrive in a loving environment.

Creating space through adaptions for all children, is my passion. We were not designed to fit into a ‘one size fits all’ mould. I aim to break moulds and give our children the opportunities they each deserve to thrive.

In the wise words of Dr. Seuss ‘Why fit in when you were born to stand out.’

Amy Lee McSmith

Marketing and Public Relations

My little boy, Leo, and I joined the EcoFamily in the beginning of 2020. I have been a part of the team for four years and have loved every second of it!

Although I am not in the classrooms, I love interacting with all the children and getting to know their little personalities as well as their families.

I have a Teaching Diploma and my Honours in Psychology.

Favourite colour: Turquoise
Favourite food: Pizza
Favourite holiday destination: The beach
Hobbies: Picnics, Markets, Hiking

Trevor Xaba

Head Coach

I am the proud Head Coach at EcoKids Primary School.

I am a Qualified CAF C Licensed Coach and founder and Head Coach of TX TITANS FOOTBALL ACADEMY. I started my coaching career with Benoni Northerns FC (2016) before starting my own Football Academy (2020).

One of the highlights of my career was going to China for a Football Tournament with Easterns High Schools U/15 team (2019).

I believe all kids deserve equal opportunities. I also believe sports has one language “Fun”. Yes, we all thrive to win but without having fun, we don’t enjoy sports. “Teamwork is Dream work” is my Philosophy. I’m passionate about football development and sports in general.

I also love working with kids and realizing the sporting potential in them.

Nicole Swatton

My journey into children’s yoga began in 2011 when my stepmother, who owns and runs a Yoga and teachers training retreat, introduced me to the world of yoga teachings. I have always been interested in children’s education and decided to look into a yoga course. In 2013 I completed my training and am now an Internationally Accredited Children’s Yoga and Mindfulness Teacher through the Yogabeez Children’s Yoga School in the UK.
I then decided to leave the corporate world as an Events Co-ordinator and haven’t been more happier. My aim is to educate, exercise and empower children of all ages and abilities. As part of my ethos of teaching yoga and mindfulness to children, I focus on environmental awareness, community and freedom to express ideas, thoughts and differences. My classes are not based on any religion and purely on building and strengthening muscles, calming and relaxation, gross motor skills and just having fun.

Adrienne Mansel-James


I have qualifications in project management and organisational development which stand me in good stead when organising the admissions and administrations of EcoCampus.

Streamlining processes, creating order and building success in projects are my passion, but added to that the joy of working in such a fun and uplifting environment makes all the difference.

Sheryl Mc Alister

Administrations and Finance Manager

Hello, I am Sheryl! I am a passionate, bubbly, dedicated and loving person.

Children are an absolute passion of mine. I am honoured to be part of the EcoKids family. My years have been filled with a lot of fun, laughter, learning and adventures. 

I manage the finance and administration within EcoKids Group.

Our Fabulous Maintenance and Grounds Team

Top row left to right:

  • Paul Msutu; Ryan Fitzgerald (Manager); Andrea Bulukutu; Augustine Bulukutu

Bottom row left to right:

  • Lorraine Makgoleng; Nonhlanhla Nkosi; Nancy Chadza

Sporting, Cultural, Environmental and Outreach Programs

We offer a number of co-curricular activities at our school


Cross Country

Public Speaking



Mthonjeni Music




Study Squad








Pokémon Club


Abacus Math


Culinary Club


Our talented Coaches and some sporty teachers run our sports program incorporating different physical activities such as soccer, netball, t-ball, track and field athletics, cross country running and general physical fitness. We encourage our young athletes to get out and about, participating in sporting activities against other schools.

Students also enjoy a yoga class to encourage them to learn destressing techniques and improve their concentration, balance and body awareness.

“Creativity is intelligence having fun.”
Albert Einstein

Our Speech, Drama and Debate Clubs hone cultural talents, and we participate in local Eisteddfods, Quiz Challenges and Debating Competitions. We have a Chess Team and also listen closely to what it is that our young learners are interested in doing, incorporating different board games and fun challenges into our school curriculum.

One of our favorites is our Pokémon Club which is very popular and inspires so many benefits such as critical thinking skills, dealing with complex situations, complex phonics and calculations, bartering and trade all whilst the students participate in something that truly interests them.

Our Classrooms

Where once there were horses and tackle, there is now learning and laughter.

Our unique classrooms, which have been converted from the original stables, are vibrant and powerful representations of the students and teachers who now occupy them.

These safe and secure working environments for our students provide them with a place to be themselves and customize their learning experience under the watchful eye and guiding hand of our highly qualified teaching staff.

The Art Studio or Atelier

At EcoKids Primary, the art studio is an important part of our school. Art is seen as a form of expression, a way of communicating and an outlet for children to showcase their personality and their ideas. Our art studio will be equipped with all the materials children need to create. Additional art classes are offered as an included extra mural after school. We are so proud of our students artistic endeavours, we host an annual art exhibition and enter local art competitions.

The Lab

Our dedicated science lab affords the teachers and students all the equipment and chemicals to experiment fully, to leave experiments and projects that require time to develop or be worked on without being interrupted by a scheduled lesson or the end of the school day and to have a dedicated space where science comes to life! Science requires children to observe, document, calculate and reach conclusions. Science teaches patience and perseverance and, in order for science to have this, it needs its own space. The science of asking questions is the source of all knowledge. Our children will need to know things we cannot yet even comprehend.


Nothing is more important than the safety of your child. The premises are secure and safe and no child will be allowed to leave our school unless they are fetched by a familiar adult. Because of the property and the layout of our school, there is no ‘waiting outside’ for your lift and parents will have to drive onto the property to collect their child. Anyone requesting permission to gain access to the property will be screened before being allowed access by our friendly security.


Aftercare will run daily until 17:30 and a light snack is provided. A homework supervision class operates Mondays through Thursdays where students can complete their homework in an atmosphere conducive to learning and concentration. The teacher on duty for aftercare will be able to assist the children to complete their homework in a way that teaches them responsibility and independence. After homework is complete, there will be guided and free play time and activities available to keep the children busy until they are collected.