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Life at EcoKids Primary School

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We do not agree with over-assessment of students and feel that with the close relationship developed between teacher and student, the level of each child’s knowledge base and skill level will be known by their teacher through daily interaction. As the children grow in maturity and confidence, test taking and exam writing will become a skill they will have to become proficient in.

Our intermediate phase (Grade 4 – 6), our learners will take part in the more formal examinations, but in a manner so as not to create unnecessary stress.

In Grade 7 our students naturally graduate to EcoCampus College, our Highschool for Grades 7 -12.

About Our School

Our beautiful new Primary School is situated on Sand Pan with exquisite views over the water. It is 16 acers of beautifully terraced land that was once an equestrian estate of international standards.

Only 1km away from EcoKids Preschool, it makes having siblings in the younger classes very convenient as drop off and collection are practical. The school will be integral to a community-based, lifestyle property where there will be lots of exciting things for the children to participate in and have a sense of ownership of their space.

The school will always remain private, be fenced securely and monitored remotely via an off-site monitoring company. We are very proud of our Primary School Space.

Our school property is always evolving, there is never a dull moment and we are so excited by all the current and future developments

Academic Matters

EcoKids Primary School will follow a base of CAPS Curriculum, supplementing with Cambridge extension work so we may seamlessly transition into the Senior College’s IEB Curriculum.  The IEB is the gold standard in our country, opening doors for students in all areas of further study.


Restorative Discipline

Many schools speak of “bullying policies” where there is a zero-tolerance level for bullying and bad behaviour. A focus on promoting positive actions such as kindness, acceptance, and inclusion creates a better environment where the students themselves are empowered to deal with all types of “bullying” better.

Restorative approaches are built on values which separate the person from the behaviour. They promote accountability and seek to repair any harm caused in a situation. As a school we take the time to discuss the root causes of negative behavior and seek to help not only the student who has been affected by the bullying, but the student who has caused the harm, to ensure that the core problems are addressed and an environment of understanding and peace prevail.


Our EcoCanteen is run by our two wonderful Chefs, Zita and Benita, and provides our students with wholesome, delicious meals.

Zita and Benita both have years of experience in the catering industry and their passion for cooking and baking is evident in the Culinary Classes they provide to our students as an extra mural.

Meals are pre ordered and paid for using our Smart Swipe Lunch Card system for ease and close monitoring by parents

At EcoKids we believe that education shouldn’t be mundane and standardised.

We strive to encompass every individual and expose them to as much as possible so choices regarding their future can be made easily as their passions are realised and nurtured.

Academic Support

At EcoKids we employ a qualified teacher to head our Academic Support team. Their role is to work with the teacher to ‘remediate’ the relevant children and close the academic gaps through academic intervention.

EcoKids offer a ‘bridging’ class for children entering EcoKids Primary who need a little extra assistance to get up to speed with our curriculum. Our qualified remedial teacher is able to assist children with the core subjects with the goal of integrating them into the classroom as soon as they are up to speed.

These children will be timetabled so that they join their peers for music, isiZulu, Afrikaans, Eco Club and Life Skills, as well as break but for some lessons of Maths and English, they will be remediated with their remedial class teacher.


While homework teaches children responsibility and accountability, it should not take up the precious time in the afternoons, or especially over weekends, to just be a child. At primary school age, children should be encouraged to pursue other interests, join clubs, partake in sports, spend quality time with family and just enjoy the freedom that comes with being a child. Homework should never be a stress on the child nor become a burden on parents. Homework should be ‘quality not quantity’.

Reading and research will form part of homework from Mondays through Thursdays but, as a guide, children should only spend the following amount of time doing reading and any other aspects of homework per day:

Grade 1 and 2 30 min
Grade 3 45 min – 1 hour
Grade 4 45 min – 1 hour
Grade 5 1 – 1.5 hour
Grade 6 1 – 1.5 hour

The EcoKids Innovation Hub

Coding, robotics, electrics, agriculture, culinary, construction… the list of amazing things to learn that are not offered at mainstream schools is endless. We will have a unique ‘innovation hub’ as part of our school – an exciting space where we can discover and learn about all these incredible and fascinating new concepts.

In this day and age – Design technology is a vital skill

3DECO – Design

Our world is moving into the fourth industrial revolution – 4IR – and the advances in technology have expanded exponentially. As the “IoT” (Internet of Things) expands and evolves, our traditional schooling systems get left behind and become more outdated than ever before. Uninhibited creativity and imagination have little place in the education system, with these areas of the brain often under-stimulated and by extension under-developed.

The 3DECO Studio is the newest addition to our EcoCampus. Here we take our (students) into a new dimension of education. We introduce and grow on the concepts of 3D Design, 3D Modelling and 3D Printing. These incredible new skills are integrated and supplement the existing curriculum.


The software we use is a simplified version of a well-known industry leader in CAD, CAM, simulation, and related technologies. Emphasis is placed not only on achieving competency in 3D Design, but also in stimulating the processes related. Shape manipulation, proprioception, spatial awareness, fine motor skills, visual skills and confidence are but a few of the areas the curriculum has been designed to improve upon.

Further to these skills, we also have the added benefit of logical thought process and patterns developing, which form part of critical thinking. Finally, we not only encourage, but insist upon collaboration between (students). If two heads are better than one, imagine what we can achieve when every child is part of the solution. Peer learning, social skills, communication skills all add to a holistic child who is confident in their abilities, but never shy to ask for help or hear a second opinion.

We are firm believers in a child’s right to freedom of expression, however, at this age, we also want to begin instilling a more structured framework for them to be able to explore this freedom within limits that will serve them in good stead for their future school career. Therefore, at EcoKids Primary School, we will have a variety of school-approved and branded gear, such as long-sleeved and short-sleeved cotton tops, golf shirts, caps, hats, jackets and fleeces that can then be paired with plain jeans, chinos or navy skirts/shorts in a way that promotes uniformity and therefore a sense of identity and pride, but still showcasing each child’s individuality.

The idea is to have a wearable, affordable and washable ‘uniform’ that is free to get messy and lived in while still providing comfort, warmth when needed and a sense of ‘school uniform’ that is so exciting and important to children of school going age. It will also give them the freedom to choose exactly how they would like to put it together every day. We do not see the value of a traditional school uniform. When the entire face of education is changing, uniforms should evolve with it. As uniforms can really be quite expensive, we will try to keep these items as cost effective as possible. The uniform will be available for purchase through our local uniform supplier.

All stationery will be provided by the parents based on a list of required materials provided by EcoKids Primary School. A list of text books will be provided and may be source through the schools preferred stationers.

Children Per Class

There will be a maximum of 15 children per class. This low ratio of children to teacher is key to the close relationship that is required between the child and their teacher. There will always be open channels of communication between teachers and parents and parents are encouraged to be part of their child’s learning.

Love, Integrity, Respect and Values

As with EcoBabes and EcoKids Preschool, our overriding ethos of love, solid values, genuine respect and heartfelt integrity is of the utmost importance to us. We take on the duty of looking after your child with enormous reverence for the responsibility it carries. We are incredibly excited for this venture and know that the best is yet to come!


Open and honest channels of communication are always best. We want our parents to be involved and informed. It is equally important for our teachers and your children to get busy with the important business of learning each day.

Specific Class and general information WhatsApp groups allow for quick and easy communication. Please rest assured that if anything happens that requires your immediate attention, we will not hesitate to contact you.

Technology Program

In keeping with local technology and trends, we encourage the respectful and correct use of technology at EcoKids Primary School. Our computer lab offers design, coding and robotics classes. If we consider that a huge percentage of school going children today will be employed in occupations that do not even exist yet, we cannot ignore the fact that the world is moving swiftly into an even more technological age.

Outreach Programs

The Guide Dogs Association visited the Foundation Phase to chat more about what their organisation does. We also handed over a donation to them from the money raised from our Foundation Market Day.

We had 7 beautiful guide dogs visit today and the organisation was very impressed by our beautiful school and lovely well mannered children. This also ties in nicely with one of the themes we have covered in Life Skills.

Enviro Club

Finding tadpoles in different stages of metamorphosis….and then christened the new dam with the whole class swimming

Our Speech, Drama and Debate Clubs hone cultural talents, and we participate in local Eisteddfods, Quiz Challenges and Debating Competitions.

We have a Chess Team and also listen closely to what it is that our young learners are interested in doing, incorporating different board games and fun challenges into our school curriculum.

One of our favorites is our Pokémon Club which is very popular and inspires so many benefits such as critical thinking skills, dealing with complex situations, complex phonics and calculations, bartering and trade all whilst the students participate in something that truly interests them.

Future Plans on our Campus

The ever-progressing development of our campus is a process which we undertake with pride and pleasure. Providing an ever-improving space for our beloved students is something which we view as a part of our calling.

As such, we pursue a design for our campus which is centered on making our students and teachers day-to-day experience as pleasant and enriching as can be.

At the end of the upgrading and development process, our state of the art campus will have all the amenities necessary for us to fulfil the needs of our students both academically and extra-curricularaly and will represent the kind of school which we wish all of our South African students could attend.